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Post by steel on Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:20 am


i just saw the news of Admin decision to remove necromancer.

I have to say that i am surprised and disappointed about the fact that stupid whining from randoms can influence and change that much what is the server now.

Everybody knows that necromancer here is SPECIAL because can cast normal spells of other lines in shade mode.
Nevertheless, the abomination pet has around 2-3K hps, HAS NO ABS AND NO MAGIC RESISTANCE.

It means, you will always hit with maximum damage on a 2-3K pet.

It means, my necro pet can be killed in 4 shot from most of the player.

NOW, i can understand that is weird to see a perma MOC pbaoer + healer BUT i can tell you that many players here are able to not only kill my abo, but permanently will versus me in 1vs1.

GUYS, we have a MOD server with MOD classes and MOD templates that can give you tanks with:

10-15K HPS
all stats close to 1000
mod style and spells of any kind
mod skill points
mod weapons with extra dps

IN FACT, on this server we se NO CASTERS playing. Guess why? is impossible to kill with magic damage cap any tank here!!!

let's say i can trow 10 DD freely and let's say he gets 8K dps, hes still 50% (AND not considering the fact that he can heal himself and interrupt me).

REALLY, if we want to have a duel server, with only tanks only hitting eachother like morons, here we go.

Necromancer was the ONLY caster able to fight and support in a team due the possibility to NOT being interrupted while abomination is alive (AND TRUST ME, IS REALLY FRAGILE).

So, if you complained so bad with Admin because you are crap, and you have a melee duel spec, and you release vs a necro maybe start think about the fact that in DAOC is hard to be strong vs every class. (plus the fact that i know how to play that char)
to kill an abomination with such short HPS and resistances is enough a disease... or nuking, or just correctly assisting if you are playing XvX.

I hope the admin can read this, and think really about the necro removal because without any change in nukes DMG cap there is no chance to see a caster or a supporter on this server. (we need mage hitting for atleast 2-3K dps per second to fight a tank)

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

.....and please, i would really like to hear opinions from MID and HIB tanks with template & some game skills that fought and killed me so many times.


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Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 9:53 am

its not about the ability to have spell lines or the weakness of the pet or any of that its that everyone bug abuses them even in PVE! 
 bu ok necros wont be removed but ill ban them the first sight of abusing from the minute i post this! NO EXCUSES! not my fault if you dont read the forum!


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