Quick Starter Guide!!!

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Quick Starter Guide!!!

Post by 454Drifter on Thu May 21, 2015 10:17 pm

Going to write out a bit of a quick guide for any newcomers.

First off, before you make your character, theres a few things to consider...
-The stat cap is 3x normal, aswell as buff bonus.
-You can buy other spec lines using plat, and add them to any class!
-You dont get extra spec points for using extra lines! So plan ahead!<You can buy spec points now tho!>
-The best pve farming and lvling is in DF...thats also the only rvr zone..so be aware.
-Many mobs in DF give rps/bps, and aoe farming will be ideal for your first toon.
-Most spell and style lines have been altered in some way to allow them to be a bit easier to aoe farm.

So after your start your first toon what are you to do? Well you will want to quickly level to 5...choose your class...then grab your free epic armor near the master trainer. Then go level!
DO NOT PICK A CUSTOM CLASS AS YOUR FIRST TOON!!! They dont have spell lines! They're for people who have a main that can fund the buying of spec lines for them!

As far as gear goes... there is a free starter item merchant... he gives free jewelry...which is blank. The purpose of this is so that you can add stats to it.
You can do that using the Stat npc. Give him something, pick from the list he shows you (resists/stats/resist cap/stat cap/ health/health cap/power/ power cap etc) He will give you +25 in what you pick.
An item can have 10 stat lines maximum. Any item can be used that has less than 10 stat lines.
REMEMBER its 3x stat cap!!!

This is pretty much all you will need to know to get started. The rest will come with time spent in game.
Very fun server, hope you enjoy and tell a friend!

     Leggera of Hibernia

-Disclaimer- This message was not funded, scripted, or issued by a staff member of any kind. The person responsible for this public service announcement is a totally rad dude. Who deserves much praise in-game Smile That is all.


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Re: Quick Starter Guide!!!

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 31, 2015 5:29 pm

added a bit there. and rad? idk lol Wink
the GREEN is my edits.


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