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Changes of Nalfgar

Post by Nalfgar on Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:36 pm

Couse many guys asked over the Months i give here an overview on the changes done since i got member of the Staff:
(this list only include my work)

13.08.15 Nalfgar joined the Staff
14+15.08 Fixed stats on 3 OTD mobs added missing NPCs to Starting Town
19.08 fixed the rps of players that dint respec Realm as they got custom class
26.08 added frontiers to the game
12.09 revamped thidranki
16.09 added custom spot to thidranki
19.09 fixed 3 spells that had wrong reuse timer
21.09 fixed 2 styles
26.09 added missing roam paths for DF mobs
29.09 fixed Legion loot first time
05.10 (my birthday wuhu) added merchant to DF merchant regions that sell Legion livelike drops
09.10 relocated 16 mobs that arent custom but dont merge with livelike locations
17.10 added rarities crafting merchant and hibernian craft stuff merchant to capitals
24.10 added 67% of missing Soul weapons to merchants
01.11 added dreng the wolftooth to game that drop level 10 one time drop vest useable from level 3-12
19.11 added merchant that sell missing dragon juwelry on top of thidranki center keep
25.11 reworked small dragon drops
26.11 reworked dragon gear merchant
29.11 added merchant scroll to the game
30.11 added pet jewel to game (now removed again)
01.12 changed potion requirement to level 1
07.12 couse we lost more and more players due to dragon hunter server:
Added 4 custom mobs to Agramon
08.12 added another mob to Agramon
09.12 fixed 3 spells 2 styles and 1 ra
10.12 corrected stats of 3 soul weapons
11.12 added 1 proc to 3 mobs in df near Grand Chancellor Adremal
12.12 fixed mob level of Mutilator Abrax
13.12 removed 2 unwanted mobs fixed double mobs around starting towns
17.12 added event mobs the small/ the little / the tiny to muspelheim compracin forest and cliffs of moher
19.12 changed Legion drop to fix soul drop rate
24.12 reworked df merchants so emerald gear give toa stats
29-31.12 took a deep look on teleporters
06.01.16 spoke to admin about changes i did so far
12.01.16 tried a fix on necro that dint worked
16.01.16 reworked the berserk style after evade line
19.01 reworked frontiers to reduce lags there
20.01 reworked thidranki to remove doubled guards
22.01 added doors to agramon (dint notice they dint worked)
26.01 fixed champ weapon procs (the fails i know of couse of appeal)
01.02 fixed 9 dragon and 12 dragonslayer items
07.02 added 1 more proc
12.02 added live mob field marshal nebir and added the infernal bp sleeves to it with x1,75 stats +6 walk speed
17.02 added new mob to agramon
21.02 added new mob to agramon same stuff like from the Desciple of Death but this time with charges
01.03 added custom epic gear
07.03 added housing to game
16.03 fixed teleporter
18.03 fixed 2 fails i forgot on teleporter
21.03 reworked housing
01.04 added darkspire items to prince and princess in df
08.04 banned one player that farmed itself and tried to correct all other accounts involving
13.04 changed drop chance on christmas event mobs
19.04 looked again the housing issue
28.04 added relics
01.05 added new keeps
05.05 added relic pads to new keeps
06.05 tried fix relics to display the bonus they have
07.05 faced its not fixable yet
09.05 adding toa stat jewelry to agramon gate lords giving lord script i found in core
11.05 revamped housing
15.05 added new items added to 5 bosses in agramon
24.05 started work on custom client
01.06 added morgana to the staff
04.06 Adding 6 new proc drops to Denizen of the Deep
06.06 morgana informed me that she had reworked ratboy and vendu camp
09.06 changed back to old keeps
11.06 changed relic pads back to old
15.06 fixed Legion drops again
16.06 adding Legion Proc
18.06 talked with darksaint about his join on staff
19.06 adding darksaint to server
20.06 giving darksaint first job
21.06 removed souls and other highend stuff anyone added to level 6 mob
30.06 finally finishing teleporter
01.07 relocate dark master vlad to laby
02.07 changing rp bonus in db couse of issues give frontiers bp bonus relocate all agramon mobs to Ellan Vannin creating towns in Ellan Vannin
03.07 finish own client
04.07 telling saint to locate mobs i created to Si highend dungeons and add own juwelry to end boss
08.07 saint finish his work
11.07 adding missing NPCs to Ellan Vannin
13.07 adding keeps to Ellan Vannin and dragon (but not attackable yet)
14.07 fixing housing final
15.07 adding dragonscale merchant and spots to Ellan Vannin
19.07 Adding Ellan Vannin Dragon
21.07 Adding 3 custom Keeps to Ellan Vannin
01.08 removing second Denizen of the Deep and relocate it to Megalodon Spot
03.08 adding heal proc to Dragon Vests
05.08 Announcing new Addon the Awakening
08.08 Adding Dragonscale to Goldsmith near king to fight inflation
06.08-01.09 working on Addon
13.09 adding first part to the core


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