Some ideas for the server :) you asked for it sir, hehe

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Some ideas for the server :) you asked for it sir, hehe

Post by Inthebeginning on Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:25 pm

(i started a new topic because this thread was 4 months old), >

Lots of great stuff here Very Happy i'd like to chime in and add my thanks to all the admins involved, as well as testers, players and people sharing ideas- theres alot to love about this server! Smile

i like Xioticin's ideas about the story, and it all seems to fit, depending on how hard it is, there could be a few npcs offering a text that supports this, and sortof intoduce the new player to the idea that they'll have to pull together everything they know about every class, and farm and craft and team up in order to beat the evils back. (this would work right in with another thread i started about helping ppl know exactly how to do this Smile -the npc wouldnt need to do anything or offer quests or stuff like that, just spout a paragraph or two about the state of the story, and give a few ideas on how to start- i'll volunteer to write it if that helps Smile

Nalfgar, you asked in game a couple times for people to forward any ideas they had or things they'd like to see added (within reason im sure Smile so i'll post a few ideas i have here.

1) potions you asked about ideas on these-

1a) Spell effects a potion that triggers a spell effect, a buff, a nuke, or a useful spell, that the player might get from a spell line later, but early on they could add it with a potion that would be cheaper etc, let these be balanced by their re-use timer so they wouldnt be overpowered. We could also use this as a way for people to test certain spec line combinations, "will +100AF help me enough?" or "would that defense heal proc from healer make me strong enough?" they could drink a potion and test it. Possible effects i can think of: defense proc potion, armor buff potion, hibernia hero's Stag ability, damage shield potion (like the enchanter focus shield effect), damage add, an area stun like the healer pacification effect to buy some time for a few seconds, other effects too. in some games you throw potions, some effects could work that way also, just trigger when you /use the potion.

b) Summons a potion that summons a mob to help the player out in the fight, but isnt a controllable pet. like the enemy mobs can call for help, what if we had a way to call for helpers, like a friendly mob that would fight with us, but would be on a timer, or limited range. it would be fun to drink a potion that made you "seem very persuasive", and convince a small group of mobs to come to your aid (basically a summon-) and after a minute or two they go home. (i guess you could make this some kind of battle horn or other object than a potion too)
(things it could summon: a caster type mob, three weewere's to attack the enemy, one larger taunting type mob to pull aggro off the caster for a short time, they could be any type of mob. Smile you could call it a "bottled essence of a mob" if you wanted also.

1c) Morphs potions that would temporarily morph the player into something else, a monster, a mini boss or another realm fighter, just for fun Smile

2) SI dungeons: I dont know the whole plan, and you're probably not done in the SI dungeons, but i'd like to suggest a balance for the mobs in there. Smile there are a lot of them, they're not too* hard to tank, but they have a LOT of health, so it just becomes a huge time sink to get down to the bosses at the bottom Sad i would say you can take half their total health away and not have problems. also they all, the same XD maybe throw in a few morphs for variety even if you dont change the stats Smile or take a few big ones out and put in a small camp of little guys, etc. the difficulty in there is good balance, it just takes too long (hours:P) unless you do tricky things to get past them.

3)Accessiblity or Growth, and souls. In order to try many differnt classes and combinations, we need lots of souls, and currently, they're pretty hard to get. i think the 'Final bosses' are a good strength for endgame, but a new player needs a way to get souls a little earlier, due to low population it might be good to give some high lvl mobs (but not as strong as the dragon/legion/etc.) a good chance to drop a soul (just 1), like 50% or more, things like nebir or the df princes or earls, the mini-bosses in EV (they're pretty hard for a new player to do also Smile And maybe every boss could drop one soul with a small chance, so that a growing player will have enough for one spec line (20-25) when they get to the point of adding a second or third spell line -like a paladin who has gone to lvl 50, added arb/heretic and can pull half of boars camp, kill nebir in df, and start to fight EV bosses (but not dragon yet). also remember, not all players are as skilled as others Smile -this could be done with diamond seals and buying souls in df, but that is a bit too slow i think? Razz im not complaining, im trying to help new players balance it out Smile

XD thats enough for now, LOL sorry for the wall of text


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