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Class Bugs

Post by kyzuma on Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:00 pm

These are some class bugs and issues I have found.

Warlock (possibly all casters)
I have a cl 10 warlock and I added a lot of spec lines to it. I went to remove these spec lines and did so by using the wipe NPC. After this, I re-logged and found that the weapon abilities that I had gained from getting cl 3 also were removed. The weapon abilities I am talking about are gaining the use of small shields and other generic weapons like swords, piercing... so on. Only way I was able to get the use of small shields and the like back was to have a GM manually fix my character.

The mauler group Heal over Time spell called Blessing of Nethuni (level 48 skill from the Aura Manipulation line) shares a cool down timer with other buffs, such as the Vampiir Dementia buffs. This is annoying and shouldn't probably be like this.

This is only a possible bug, but I have noticed many of the Templar RA skills are kinda crappy, and there are a bunch of repeats, like having Avoidance of Magic on their RA list twice. Maybe replace some of the repeats with a few useful or interesting RA's?

Beast Master
This is also more of a suggestion, but the BMM's RA list is also very lacking imo. There are only like 10 RA's in total or something like that and I would say that half of them are completely useless, with only 1 or 2 being nice to have. Maybe spice it up a little?

Thanks ^_^


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