New Player, New Idea

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New Player, New Idea

Post by xioticin on Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:10 pm

Hello everyone!

I recently came across this server and am extremely impressed with what all has been done with it. It really has breathed new life into one of my favorite games of all time. Not only is the server well made, but the players that are around are very helpful and inclusive.

I recently rolled a champion which got to 50 with relative ease. Soon after, I was grouping with others who were leveling up and met my first seasoned pro on the server. After being instructed to check out Beast Master as my specialty class, I really started to get a feel for what all was possible here on this server.

I just recently leveled up a mentalist to 50 and have had such a blast with how dots work. I know that the Corruptor is an option that will include that playstyle, but I am actually wanting to make something a little more custom.

I am writing this out because there is still a lot I don't fully grasp as being possible/impossible here so this idea might not work out as far as class blends go...

I am thinking of taking Deathmage for its lack of starting skills as my class. Then buying some form of dotting spec (mana ment would be ideal), Pacification(aoe stun), Bone Army(survivability when jumped plus pet tank), a second dotting spec(cabalist comes to mind for aoe dots), and lastly a buff spec(could even be the custom buff spec line that I saw).

I wouldn't have wanted to do this if it wasn't for this hybrid caster suggestion another player, Epzy, had mentioned just last night. This might be a huge waste and not work at all so I am throwing it out there to see if it could actually do okay.

Either way, glad to be on this server so I can get my Daoc fix while also feeling something new in my tried and true favorite. Thanks to the ones that put the hardwork in to make this place happen!

Characters: Noxia(soon to be hybrid), Noxi (BeastMaster), and Sceleris(Mentalist)


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Re: New Player, New Idea

Post by Saint on Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:00 pm

the character's name is Ezpy lol and thats me...Saint Smile
And DeathMage isnt the only class to start with 0 skill lines. Crusader is a plate wearer, Maurader is i think leather or studded <idk honestly never tried it>, and DeathMage is the cloth class.


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