Leveling Zones / 50+ Zones

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Leveling Zones / 50+ Zones

Post by bogha69 on Mon May 25, 2015 11:35 am

Suggestions for leveling zones and lvl 50+ (Solo/Group) areas. As we all know (or should) DF is a great place to level with AoE pulls, Bp/Rp gains etc. To reduce npc counts and things of the such, what if leveling was set to 1 side of DF, or another instance where it became coop for let's say 15-45, or something of the sorts? Cut respawn timers down a bit, populate one area (Like DB or something of the sort) ?

Left DF for level 50+ farming, RvR, bosses etc. Or even use PoC or the old CL5 dungeons for Bosses, gear raids, or farming areas? I've got a few 50's, one is almost max stats and running out of things to do other than farm Plat for DeathMage or some other custom class with no spec lines.

Just an idea.



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Re: Leveling Zones / 50+ Zones

Post by Nidalee on Mon May 25, 2015 12:04 pm

Hey Smile DF is Nice but the map is a bit to Big for the 20 People ATM Smile why Not MAke Thidraki or Molvik as a Pve / PvP Zone ? and Bosses in a other Area or same too Smile

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