Retail caster spec lines and the spells within them

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Retail caster spec lines and the spells within them

Post by pmurray67 on Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:26 pm

I am wondering if the spells in the caster spec spell lines could get merged as you lvl up, kind of like how heal/buff/hybred class's spells get upgraded as you lvl (such as a healers baseline single target stun, it doesn't add more spells to the list, it just upgrades the one you already have, once you reach the correct lvl). On RoD I do not see any reason to have the lvl 1-39 spells at lvl 50, that'll really only usefull while lvl'n but most people just pl or get pl'd on server so there is really no need for those lower lvl spells.

Doing this will also reduce the spell icon bugg that people with 7+ specs (+ml's and cl's) can start facing.


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