Skills-Stats Craft NPC

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Skills-Stats Craft NPC

Post by Schaden on Sun May 24, 2015 2:26 am

You can add Stats, Ressists, overcap Stats/Ressists, Health/CapHealth, Power on the Crafting NPC.

A Problem is, that you cannot add Skills like Stealth, Sword etc. The drops that are ingame often have weird Stats to do a Template with, like Bow + Shield + Acuity and something like that on Jewelry Shocked

Any Plans on doing a Skill-Crafting NPC? Even if it would not put +50 to a skill (like it does with Stats and such), let it be +5 or +10 on skills, People could start building their Template. A skill + could cost about 10.000 BPS each, that its not too easy.

How about a ToA bonuses NPC? Let it cost 25-50k BP per Bonus. Are ToA Bonuses 3* livelike capped too?

People could never go very much allcap on all the Skills n Stats, Ressists and ToA Bonuses as jewel Slot is always taken by Skeleton key and the Boss-Drops and Dragonslayer Armor often is having 9 Different bonuses already, where the maximum amount of Bonusses on each item is 10. People would still have to think of what to put where, or even to start some Armorcrafting/Tailoring etc (if that is implemented), to create very blank Items.


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